Mortgage Foreclosures & Ejectment

We assist banks, individuals, and other lien holders with delinquent mortgage foreclosures.

Kivitz & Kivitz, P.C., founded by Seymour Kivitz in 1952 and joined by Jay in 1977, offers many years of qualified real estate law experience, including residential mortgage foreclosures. We service the entire state of Pennsylvania from our Philadelphia location.

Jay E. Kivitz is also a licensed real estate broker who is very familiar with the residential real estate market and procedures.

We assist our clients with foreclosing on single-family homes, duplexes, condominiums, row houses and other residential properties. We handle foreclosure from the notice of default through the sheriff’s sale and physical eviction, including all the details in between.

Our clients include:
• Banks and other mortgage lenders or guarantors;
• Third-party companies who have purchased mortgages;
• Individuals who have extended private mortgages and have the need to foreclose.

In addition, Kivitz & Kivitz provides disposition of REO properties. Our firm also serves families and individuals in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania with residential real estate transactions and estate planning.

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