Wills and Estates

Since 1952, Kivitz & Kivitz has drafted Wills, Powers of Attorney and Living Wills (advance health care directives) for clients throughout the Philadelphia metro area.

At Kivitz & Kivitz, P.C., we are proud to say we’ve served the same Philadelphia neighborhood for more than 60 years.

Many of our neighborhood residents have come to us since 1952 whenever they wanted to draw up a will or provide other estate planning for their own peace of mind and for their family’s future well-being.

Estate Planning
We offer a package to clients that includes:
• Your last will and testament, declaring who will inherit your assets, how your estate should be settled, and other wishes.
• Trusts that pass wealth to your spouse and descendants while minimizing taxes and placing some restrictions on when or how the money can be used.
• Advance health care directives (living will) by which YOU decide medical measures should be performed or withheld as you reach that stage in life.
• Powers of attorney so that others can make financial, medical and personal decisions on your behalf and according to your declared wishes if you are unable to do so.

Estate Administration and Probate Services
If you or a family member has been named executor of a will , or if you seek to become administrator of an estate where there is no will, we will help you carry out the associated tasks in the order and timeline required by state law, including
• Allocating assets to heirs
• Locating heirs
• Sale or transfer of homes and other assets
• Inheritance Tax return preparation and filing

Contact our law firm today to schedule an appointment with the experienced estate planning and probate attorneys of Kivitz & Kivitz, P.C. We have evening and Saturday appointments available, and will travel throughout the five-county Philadelphia area to the location where the estate will be probated.